Canada Continues to Push Renewable Energy Development Forward

The various levels of government in Canada all share the mentality that action taken to better the environment is in fact action taken to ensure the continued health of the economy. With a renewed commitment of $2.37 billion over four years for the clean technology industry1, each level of government will continue to commit funds … Read more

What is Global Adjustment?

Global adjustment (GA) is an extra charge on your monthly Ontario electricity bill. The GA covers the cost of building new electricity infrastructures in the province, and for delivering Ontario’s conservation programs. The GA is set monthly to reflect the wholesale market price for electricity, regulated rates for Ontario Power Generation’s nuclear and hydroelectric stations, … Read more

The Futures of Renewable Energy

Energy Sector accounts for approximately 35% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, with the majority arising from coal-fired power plants and natural gas. The implications of our current electricity production methods are becoming evident all around the world. The atmosphere is continuously getting overloaded with carbon dioxide, a global warming emission, which traps heat and … Read more