A Flow-through Limited Partnership (LP) for accredited investors to invest in proven, energy-efficient projects – based on CRCE (“Canadian Renewable and Conservation Expenses”)

Investments are focused on EV Chargers. Primarily for high-traffic areas with consistent energy demands such as Department Stores and malls – generating Steady Revenues.

Why EV Chargers?

Why EV Chargers?

Why EV Chargers?

Why EV Chargers?


AI Renewable enters into a Lease Agreement with Site Host for parking spots

Lease Term is 10 years (or special case 15 years) with options to renew for 5 years

AI Renewable is the owner of the EV Charging stations and is responsible for all the capital investment as well as on-going operation costs

Third Party has been secured to provide turnkey installation and O&M of the EV Chargers

AI Renewable receives revenues generated from the use of the EV Chargers throughout the term of the lease

Unit holders receive dividends through quarterly distributions since Commercial Operation of the EV Chargers

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